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Ceremony is a potent and profound way to awaken to our own innate wisdom and pure potential, while simultaneously aligning with the universe and our divine place within it. Stepping into ceremony is to connect to your deepest desires and bring them into communion with creation.

Now is the time to return to the depths of your heart. To live a life with passion and purpose, where we show up and shine as the powerful and sacred beings that we were brought here to be.

Through ritual and a tapestry of healing arts, we create safe and nurturing spaces for you to reconnect with the sacred within you and the alchemy of your own majesty.

We offer an array of public or private ceremonies to support you in living ritual and reverence ~

An elevated Full Moon
  experience ~

Join us in the fields of Smith Lake Farm to indulge in the heat of a fire so big, we will burn away all oppression! This magnetic occasion is a call for us to realign with our sacred mission and usher ourselves forward as emissaries of love, shaping the vision for a heart centered paradigm. It is here, in this safe haven of sisterhood that we illuminate the path to freedom for ourselves and others with integrity. 


As our lips sip on the connection elixir of cacao, the shackles around our hearts are released and the flames of our souls are ignited. Reclaiming our sovereignty and liberating our voices through sacred song, sutra, mantra, rumble and drum ~ howling to the radiance of Aprils Pink Full Moon.

We ask that you come as a clear, open vessel, free to receive. 


Bring a chalice (mug) for the cacao elixir.


In honour of the Pink Full moon, we encourage you to dress in pink and white!

Adorn yourself in sensual flowing feminine attire to enhance the embodiment of your experience. Wear the silk and satin, the fur, hat and gloves ~ Layer up ready for the heat of the fire and the cool full moon night.


* This event is for woman only.

* A photographer will be participating in the event, gracefully capturing the essence of the evening.

Allow Yourself To...

Does your soul need soothing?

Your nervous system need a cellular level unwind?

Your imagination ready for some fresh magic?

Welcome to the   Dream Temple

Join Ceremonial Artist & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alli Mary Epp for a nourishing journey within.

We start with 30 minutes of breath work and Lunar Kundalini to shed the layers of busy and move deeper into the body and heart. We end with a 25 minute Hypnosis-Journey, where we will relax into the realm of the subconscious for greater peace, ease, joy and connection.

Limited spaces available.

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Your Investment

Allow this to be your invitation to rise & come closer to connection with your

highest self


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