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~ Mocean Yoga ~

Here, we invite you to reclaim the connection to your highest self ~ your highest self being the self you love the most!

We host yoga teacher trainings, retreats & classes to help you embody your fullest expression.

Find an experience for you

to stand in your light


  • Able to love

  • Nothing went fast and nothing went slow. I have never been that present the whole week.

  • I was scared of the ocean and until I went under I finally hear the way it looked. My fear washed away. Heart space was calm and I could see what is around me. Why wouldn’t I just dive into the unknown. This retreat also reminded me about the importance of getting away from the vibrations of the city. If you are apart of going with flow and soften into nature, you are supported always. My whole perspective of life has changed. I always knew nature fills me up and brings me back. This is reinforcement of how healing and grounding it is.

  • I think we can get confused that love needs to come from a guy. The biggest gift from this is the friendship and realizing that love can come from that connection.


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