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breathwork & inquiry journey

w/ keli carpenter

august 25th


breathwork & inquiry

Keli is an experienced Transcendental Meditation Instructor, Forgiveness Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. Please join her for The Other Side Of Average (TOSA) Healing Journey and unlock the power of conscious breathwork, somatic inquiry and sacred community so that you can witness the YOU that is unchanged, infinite and empowered!


When we change the way we breathe and begin asking new questions — we change the way we live, love and experience the world.


Keli has a potent ability and passion to inspire change and hold the space for you to bring light to your darkness. It is with great pleasure and honour that we offer this opportunity to you.


We encourage you to watch this video for Conscious Breathwork instruction and an idea of what to expect.



~ Your vulnerability & a deep desire for transformation
~ Layers (sweater, shawl, socks etc) as breathwork can induce a range of temperatures!

~ Blanket/mat to lay on

~Something comfortable to sit on

~ Water bottle
~ Journal & pen

Keli Carpenter

Chopra Centre Certified Transcendent Meditation Instructor (PSM®),
Forgiveness Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

You are whole and complete at your core – you are powerful beyond measure – you are enough!

train with
  Keli Carpenter

Keli has a unique and wondrous offering  —


Below, you’ll find minimal details and you can access the link here for all you need to know. 🙂


It is: an opportunity to do a breath work training with her! An experience where you will be given the framework and the tools necessary to ensure that you’re capable of meeting and processing your own stuckness, triggers and traumas as well as help you understand your personal awakening journey.


Whether you’re looking to expand your own healing and awareness or to start your career as a certified Breathwork Facilitator, you will find this TOSA training to be the most integrative and comprehensive path to personal awakening and conscious breathwork facilitation.


Reach out to Keli today for more details.


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