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Resonant Chamber

An Embodied Voice Workshop with Savanna

Join Us ~

resonant chamber

royston, bc

october 28th, 2023


an embodied approach to your  
voice & song

Join us for an afternoon of harmonizing frequencies, serenading spirits & activating the embodiment of your authentic voice and inner song 💫



This four hour workshop includes:

~ An overview of voice anatomy and physiology

~ Embodiment and movement practices to support your voice

~ Vocal technique and theory

~ Breath technique for singing (accessing your full breath, preparing for long phrases, overcoming fear of sustained notes)

~ The power of visualization and intention in directing sound and expanding your vocal range (ie: how to project sound efficiently, how to safely access higher registers without damaging your voice)

~ Practices to support the longevity of your voice

~ Holding space for internal belief systems and limiting thoughts ~ Improvisation and movement/dance

~ Group singing (improvised and arranged)

~ A 20 min ‘refuel’ break

~ Time for journaling, reflection and sharing

Sing freely in Joy ~

We ask that you come as a clear, open vessel.

Release expectation and prepare to receive. 



~ A deeper understanding of anatomy of the voice and the interconnectedness of mind-body-soul-song    

~ Confidence in controlling breath and sound (how to hone the clarity of your voice and avoid unintentional breathiness)    

~ An understanding of resonance, projection, brilliance, colouring, expression and dynamics   

~ An experience of harmony building and development of group singing practices    

~ A somatically-oriented perspective on sound and improvisation    

~ An experience of connectedness within a group   

~ A grounding experience of being rooted in the body while accessing levity of voice   

~ For some, a spiritual experience of expanded consciousness and oneness    




~ Comfortable clothing for movement & confidence    

~ A light snack to offer to the group (sharing style)   

~ Curiosity & courage 😉

~ A journal & pen   

~ Water   

Savanna ~


Savanna is a west coast musical storyteller who creates music that is both grounded and transcendent. From the first notes of her debut album, it’s clear that Savanna’s sound is more than just music – it’s an invitation to connect with the earth, the ethereal realms and the rhythm of life.


Through her process of embodied songwriting, Savanna taps into the intelligence of her body to alchemize the human experience in her own healing journey. Her music is a celebration of the cycles of life – the light and the dark, the birth and the decay and the richness within. 


Savanna’s upcoming album offers contemplations such as questioning the origins of our beliefs and thoughts, the process of uncovering the joyous Self through removing layers of conditioning, keeping an open heart in the face of fear, and remaining connected to the wild child inside —


Savanna aims to offer an experience of self-reflection, joy and harmony between all the many parts held within.

You can expect evocative harmonies, the sweetness of simplicity and improvisational magic.


illuminate the path to peace for yourself and others with integrity

mocean yoga

Your Investment


resonant chamber

royston, bc

october 28th, 2023


Allow this to be your invitation to rise & come closer to connection with your

highest self

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We just wrapped up an incredible 3 night, 4 day elevated wellness retreat on the secluded and lush land of Vargas Island. When we left, we weren’t ready to leave!! It got us thinking ~ do we come back for longer? Do we spend a week in Maui? Mexico? Five days in Nicaragua? What about a YTT?


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