An Evening Of Enchanment

Nestled in the forest behind our family home, we will comfortably gather under a canvas tent surrounded by the awe inspiring eco-systems of temperate rainforest and the sea, topped with the scent of springs offerings 🌿🌸 This enchanting atmosphere is the perfect setting to house our evening, where we will chant, sing & sip upon the pleasant gift of cacao.

When we are filled with the vibrations of chanting intentional mantras, sutras and songs under the stimulating sensations of cacao, we enter a state of meditation where the ability to silence the mind, connect to the spirit and wisdom within, may come with a sense of ease. You are the facilitator of your own inner connections

Allow this to be your invitation to rise & come closer to connection with your highest self… your highest self being the self you love the most.


Thursday, May 27th @ 7:00pm

Magic & Meaning of Cacao ~

Drinking cacao is more than just a glorified hot chocolate experience! It has many health benefits, and, when introduced in ceremony, is intended to:

~ relax your body

~ open your heart

~ expand your consciousness

~ inspire creativity &

~ cultivate connection

It is said that cacao, known as the “food of the Gods”, has been around for nearly 5000 years! For a vast majority of this time, it has been consumed mostly in drink form ~ the pure cacao bean ground into a paste and then dissolved in water.

We use high grade, ceremonial cacao sourced from a small-scale farm where it is fairly traded, naturally grown and nothing is removed in their process. We grind it up ourselves with loving intention, stir with song and pour in pleasure!

Release blocks

Recognize patterns

Listen to the messages from your

heart & remember







Evening of Enchantment w/ Cacao ~

Join us as we rebalance the energies in our body by singing sacred songs, dance & sip on ceremonial cacao in a circle. Allow the resonance of your voice to bring you closer to your body, heart & soul.


Take The Ritual Home w/ You ~

Everything above, but with a self care package to take home. Yes, it is already within you to experience this every day that you wish! Take home a little something to set you up for success as you integrate and recall the way you wish to re-create a ceremony in your own space.


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