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Here's How the Online Registration Works

  • Go to our Mindbody Calendar below and select the class you wish to register for.
  • Click sign up and follow the prompts.  
  • If this is your first time you will be prompted to create an account. Make sure you opt in for the email notifications * if you do not opt in you will not receive the registration confirmation with zoom link to your online class. 
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  • We invite you to create your own sacred space. Remove any distractions, light a candle and maybe some incense. 
  • We also encourage you to keep your camera’s on to create a more reciprocal connection with your teacher and community 🙂
  • We hope you enjoy your class 🙂

Royston Studio Update

Due to the intimate nature of our space in Royston and our ever evolving circumstances, we have adjusted our offering and shifted from our usual in person format to ONLINE classes. Now more than ever our physical and mental health needs the steadiness and ease that our yoga practice offers. As we transition online we are keeping faith that this evolution will expand and open our classes up to support and unite our local and global community. We deeply appreciated your patience and support and look forward to practicing with you ONLINE.

Class Descriptions

Morning Moves ~

Set the tone for an empowered day. This dynamic practice will wake you up, get your endorphins flowing and help connect you to your best self!

Suitable for all levels!

Rise & Shine ~

Start your day off with an invigorating practice. Linking breath with dynamic movement will create the perfect balance of effort and ease, setting you up to Rise and Shine.

Suitable for all levels!

Mocean Yoga Flow ~ 

This practice is a rhythmic dance of breath and movement inspired by the natural dance and motion of the ocean within.  Conscious breath and continuous flow will ignite your heart and connect you to the embodiment of your highest self.

Suitable for those with experience!

Build Your Chill ~

Unwind, calm you mind, breath, stretch and gently build strength. Here, we will slow the pace of your body and brain, re-directing your attention to mindful breath and movement. Gradually building your chill, leaving you with you an all over chilled out, blissed out vibe. . 

No experience required ~ a great class to learn the basics of yoga. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Church ~ 

“If we are not connecting to our Spiritual Self, we are suffering from our own human limitations” ~

Yoga Church is a practice for all levels and all relations. This practice is not about religion, it is about connection. Connection to your body, your breath, your heart and your Spiritual Self ♡ This practice is an inquiry ~ an invitation to unblock our human limitations and explore what it feels like to tap into something within ourselves that unites us with everything in creation ❦ ⁠

Spend your Sunday morning raising your vibrations through chanting mantras and sutras. Move through a potent vinyasa practice to unearth, reveal and feel the spirit of your Sacred Self.⁠

Suitable for all levels and all relations

Restore Your Yin Yoga ~

A perfect way to end the day. This slow and meditative practice invites you to connect to your body and breath. We allow time and space for deep release and unwinding. Give yourself the gift of Yin, your body and nervous system will thank you.

Suitable for all levels



Online Integration Week Unlimited Pass: $25

Drop in: $15.00


5 Class Card $70.00 


10 Class Card $120.00

All class passes expire March 31st, 2021 are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please respect our policy.