$1650 CND Mocean Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship 

Be the bright spark in your community! Show us how you stand in your light and give back. What sets you apart? How are you shining your light and how will you use your teacher training to illuminate the path and inspire others?

This could be as simple as a smile project, smiling at 3 strangers a day and writing a journal entry daily about your experience or as courageous as creating your own charity in your community to benefit something you truly believe in! Whatever it is as long as it highlights your capacity to shine bright and illuminate the path we are excited to hear from you.

30 Day Illumination in Mocean Project Action Plan:

Every Sunday for the month of June post on your instagram and facebook channels an update of your #illuminationinmocean journey.

In each post be sure to:

Tag @moceanyoga as well as 10 people that will help support or be inspired by your Illumination in Mocean Project.

Use hashtags:

#illuminationinmocean #manifestationsinmocean #moceanytt2018

Follow These Five Steps and Themes:

Step 1.

March 3rd – Set your intention! Post on your Instagram and Facebook channels. Tell us about what lights you up, sets you apart and how you are going to use your light to illuminate the path for others.

Step 2.

March 10th – Progress! Post a pic of you sharing your magic and how your illumination in mocean project is making waves in your community.

Step 3.

March 17th – Vulnerability! Open up, be honest and tell us about your journey. Share the real-life victories and or challenges you’ve experienced through your Illumination in Mocean Project.

Step 4.

March 24th – Impact! Make it count! Show us how and who your illumination project has impacted, and how doing the Mocean Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training will help you further shine your light and illuminate the path for others.

Step 5.

By March 30th submit a short essay, (500 words or less) on our scholarship page on our website.  Highlight your experience, tell us about how and who you impacted with your Illumination in Mocean Project, and how it made you feel. Make sure to include what you will do moving forward with your new skills acquired at Yoga Teacher Training to continuing sharing your light!!

The winner of the Illumination Project will receive a $1650 CND grant towards the total of their tuition for the June 9-29, 2018 Mocean Yoga Teacher Training in Royston BC. We will extend our $300 CND early bird discount to all of our participating applicants that complete their Illumination in Mocean Project.

Have fun with this and remember this project is about shining your light and inspiring others! We look forward to the light that comes forth from your Illumination in Mocean Project.


Send us your essay now 

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A $500 deposit is required to hold your space.

The remaining amount is due 30 days prior to the training.

*all payments are non-refundable*

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