Please see studio schedule and etiquette below 😊👇🏽

The studio open 15 mins prior to class.

• Punctuality is appreciated! Out of respect for others, please arrive on time! 

Please park in the driveway! There is extra parking in the driveway to the left of the house. Please do not park on the road!!

The studio is heated – not hot but warm to keep you comfy and cozy during your practice.

• We provide water for your convenience.

• We have some mats but recommend that you bring your own.

• We encourage you to pre-register online but also welcome you to just on come on over!

• No cell phones in the studio space. Please leave all personal belonging int he cubbies provided in the reception/lounge area. 

• We encourage a peaceful environment in the studio space. Please keep conversations limited to the reception/lounge area and respect the tranquility in the studio.

Spring Schedule runs until May 29th!!

For our most up to date schedule, check below on MindBody 👇🏼

Spring Schedule runs until May 29th!!


 Drop In: $18.00 


5 Class Card: $73.50

$14/per class. 6 month expiry

10 Class Card: $136.50 

$13/per class. One year expiry

Intro Month Unlimited: $52.50

New comer’s best option! 30 days of unlimited yoga

Monthly Unlimited: $94.50 

30 days unlimited with no further commitment



All prices include GST.

Please note that class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the Mocean Yoga style?

Mocean Yoga is an accessible, all levels, vinyasa based practice. We have a strong focus on breath and alignment, keeping you safe and connected. Our classes will leave you grounded, inspired and rejuvenated.

Class Descriptions


Morning Flow ~ Set the tone for an empowered day. This dynamic practice will wake you up, get your endorphins flowing and help connect you to your best self 🙂 


Vinyasa Flow ~ Guided by breath, create a continuous flow of movement, cultivating a powerful and peaceful union of mind, body and spirit. This dynamic class will inspire you to explore your potential, while embodying a natural sense of grace and ease.


Mocean Yoga Flow ~  This practice is a rhythmic dance of breath and movement inspired by the natural motion of the ocean within.  Conscious breathe and continuous flow. Ignite your heart and connect to the embodiment of your most graceful self. 


Build Your Chill ~ Unwind, calm your mind, breath, stretch and gently build strength. Here we will slow the pace of your body and your brain, directing your attention to mindful breath and movement. Gradually building our chill, making our way from the floor to our feet, back to the floor with ease, leaving you with an all over chilled out, blissed out vibe.


Restore Your Yin ~ This class is the Yin to your everyday Yang. Relax, restore, renew and “un-do” all of your daily “doings”.  Gentle, slow, passive posses, inviting your body and mind back to a more natural state of ease.


Fusion Flow ~  Find a flow of yoga postures coupled with light weights and mindful breath for a perfectly balanced mind body overhaul! Cultivating strong, long, lean muscles in a high energy, fun and accessible practice. Variations and modifications offered up to accommodate all levels!



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